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Methods to Hit a Baseball

There are varieties of basic hitting methods that give information about how to hit a baseball correctly with required enough power and strength. Baseball Players can use hitting tips given by coach and masters of a baseball game. Few basic steps should be known to the players in the process of learning the action of hitting baseball.


Techniques of Hitting a Baseball

Hitting the ball in a correct way requires lots of hard work and practice. The excellent hitting skill can be developed with the help of regular practicing.


1. Holding the Bat

Important point to be considered in batting is grip of the bat. Hitting a baseball correctly using bat directly depends on the grip available with the bat. One of the important tips for batter is, hold the bat on the fingers not in palms.


2. Stance and Stride


Distance between legs and comfortable stance of shoulder-width distance should be maintained before taking stride. Knees should remain bent in this stance.


3. Backward Swing

This move serves basic two purposes – generating enough power and timing the ball correctly. Coach believes that it is the most important move in the process of training.


4. Forward Swing

Action of forward swing starts with the rotation of hips. The movement of hips is very important. Hips need to rotate towards the pitcher.


5. Follow Through


This is the last step of the training phase activity of hitting the baseball. After hitting the ball with the bat, it should be allowed to traverse natural path of swing.

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